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FSX Generic Military 2 Engine Panel

This is a panel for any 2 engined jet fighter in FSX. I used the background from the F-35 panel by Chuck Dome to make it. Until someone comes up with panels that are for specific aircraft you can use this one. All but one gauge are default FSX gauges.

Unzip to a folder of your choice. Copy the panel folder to the aircraft folder in FSX. Now you have two choices, rename the panel folder just panel; or add: 2eng after the panel= line in the aircraft.cfg file. I recommend the latter, since it makes it easy to go back to whatever panel you choose, and won’t copy over any existing panel folder you have with the aircraft. Copy the gauge to the main FSX gauges folder. When the sim askes about the gauge the first time, be sure you say yes you wish to use the gauge, BOTH TIMES.


THis is what should have been ingluded with the read me for the 2eng panel. For the other gauges to show you must copy the .cab files from the panel folders of the following aircraft: Maule_M7_260C; Lear_45; and B737_800; to the main FS gauges folder.

You should also Copy the dsbxml folder with this update to the main FS gauges folder. No need to overwrite anything already there. This will allow any afterburner effects to show. SORRY FOR ANY TROUBLE MY OVERSIGHT CAUSED.


Download FSX Generic Military 2 Engine Panel

Download FSX Generic Military 2 Engine Panel Update


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