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Dwonload FSX A380 Freeware

FSX Airbus A380 Addons
This Airbus A380 Multi-Livery package was brought to you by Luis Quintero.
Almost everything in this package was created by the Project Airbus team, and many different authors.

What I did was:
1. Downloading, checking, renaming and organizing the files.
2. Editing all the aircraft.cfg.
3. Adding jetway and cargo trucks codes. Proving them and trying it again many times.
4. Adding the new and more realistic views all over the aircraft.
5. Thumbnails
6. Testing it.


– One A380 model with Rolls-Royce Trent 900 series engines.
– A Virtual Cockpit originally from the Thomas Ruth A340 family.
– 18 different high-quality liveries.
– Custom soundpack for the Rolls-Royce Trent 800 series engines (replacing the unavailable Trent 900 soundset) created by Emil Serafino (who gave me his permission to use his soundset).
– Custom GPWS sound and system created by Jimmy Fong and Matt Smith.
– A Honeywell FMC system created by Garrett Smith. A manual is in the “panel” folder of the aircrafts.
– An AutoBrake system created by P. Opensky.
– Customized and revised aircraft.cfg (was edited and added with the new views and the jetway/cargo truck codes and also ome little tweaks for a better performance.)
– A lot of time and dedication (approx. 3 months).

– REALISTIC VIEWS ALL OVER THE AIRCRAFT WERE ADDED (Business and Economy Class wing views, Overwing views and some external views)
– Jetway and cargo trucks codes were tested, corrected and added.
– GPWS, FMC and AutoBrake systems created by different authors.

1. Unzip the “Airbus A380-800 Mega Pack.rar” file.
2. Open the ‘Aircraft’ folder, copy the’Airbus A380-800′ folder and paste it into your airplanes folder (Flight Simulator X/Simobjects/Airplanes).
3. Put the files in the “Effects” folder in your Effects folder (Flight Simulator X/Effects)
4. Put the files in the “Gauges” folder in your Gauges folder (Flight Simulator X/Gauges)
5. Put the folders in the “Sound” folder in your Sound folder (Flight Simulator X/Sound)


Download FSX A380 Freeware


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