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A330-200 Base Packages New VC Version

Project Opensky A330-200 Version 2 with Virtual Cockpit
Description: The new virtual cockpit version of the POSKY A330-200. This new version includes two panel.cfg files. One will give you better frames, the other will give you maximum realism. In addition, there have been numerous bug fixes to the exterior model and virtual cockpit. Two new gauges also added to the VC. Please read the installation directions before using. The Base Wingview version is required. This file only has the mdl, texture, gauge, and module files.

Project Opensky A330-200 Version 2 with VC installation instructions
To install:
There are six models for the A330-200. GE, RR, and PW. Each with a satcom antenna and no satcom antenna version. The satcom antenna is the bump on top of the fuselage towards the front passenger door.
Simply unzip the appropriate model directory(s) into your POSKY A332 V2 folder
For example, if you want the A332 RR version… you would unzip the model.RRvcnosat and model.RRvcsatcom into the directory of your A332 RR files.
Note that if you want to use all six versions, make sure they are in the appropriate directory. AKA You CAN NOT have the GE version in the RR directory.
In order to use the VC version, you must specify what model to use in the aircraft.cfg folder.
FOR EXAMPLE in the aircraft.cfg heading:

[fltsim.0] title=Project Opensky – Airbus A330-200GE No Satcom VERSION 2 House livery
model= gevcnosat

The ‘model’ section has ” gevcnosat ” written to tell FS what model to use for that livery.
NEXT, copy the panel folder and overwrite your current panel folder. Overwrite any files when prompted.
FOR BETTER FRAMES: rename the panel747nd.cfg file to panel.cfg This will replace the Airbus ND gauges with the 747 ND and give you better frames.
Copy the modules and gauge directory files into your respective FS folder.
FINALLY, copy the VC textures into the texture directory of the plane you want.
Download A330-200 Base Packages New VC Version ( Note – Wingview version required)


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